Our approach is underpinned by five key principles:

Delight in the ordinary
We produce elegant spaces with unexpected moments, always strengthened by the use of honest materials. We see beauty in everyday things: a palette of natural materials weathering over time, or simply the seasonal conditions. We create a place that excites and celebrates human wonder – a playful ray of light, juxtaposed textures and elements, a blurred boundary between inside and outside. We believe that in celebrating the ordinary, the extraordinary comes alive!

Understand the context and history
We believe each project is absolutely unique. Initial concepts are informed by site conditions, practical requirements, environment, orientation and light. We always start from the premise that the new building, however contemporary in thinking and materials, should show a respect for its history. We have an interest in narrative, where the experience of a place or building tells us a story. For example, the use of local stone can connect a building to its setting and to its past.

Integrate low energy solutions
We design buildings that incorporate a holistic approach to energy use. We do not have high-tech objectives: the study of permaculture has taught us to pay great attention to the fundamentals first, through its design principles centred on observations in natural ecosystems. We understand that location, orientation, daylight, natural shading and an efficient thermal envelope – combined with the elements of construction – can create an energy-efficient building, which is easily maintained and pleasurable to experience.

Work closely with clients
Through in-depth dialogue with our clients, we identify their objectives and needs to understand our client’s vision and enable them to make informed decisions. We then strive to explore solutions that reflect our client’s individuality, are cost effective whilst able to meet changing needs. It is this close relationship with the client that empowers us to create value. We also encourage discussion between the client and project team, whilst supporting the inclusion of the relevant authorities in the design and construction process.

Confront design in an innovative way
We strive to create timeless architecture that is functional yet elegant, simple yet rich. Our aim is to deliver thoughtful proposals that address complex requirements and specific issues, whilst exceeding expectations. By underpinning our work with a clear concept and simple programme, the detail becomes just as important as the whole. We always explore options beyond the initially apparent, through a process of dialogue and innovative thinking. For example, gaining floor space from the same footprint, or designing multi-functional elements such as a window wall that integrates seating and storage.