Sensory garden for the home of a dynamic childminder on a farm in rural Oxfordshire.

The sensory garden is to cater for children of all ages and with special educational needs or disabilities. The notion that sensory outdoor play is fundamental to a child’s learning experience is central.

Landscaping ideas were brainstormed with the children who furthered these into a Lego model. The concept was refined and the designs were visualised in a digital model, which allows the viewer to ‘walk through’ and experience the sequence of spaces.

Each sensory zone will be accessible to all and zones include a herb garden, a den, a stage with sound wall, water play and an interactive craft table. These zones work together to create a holistically stimulating environment in which the children can explore, learn and imagine.

Materials will be donated, reused or recycled. The children will be involved with the building of the garden, to create a sense of ownership and understanding of creation.

Status: Ongoing 2015

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