Building regulations exist to ensure the construction of new and altered buildings meets standards of health, safety, accessibility and efficiency. They relate to the specifics of how a building should be constructed. Anyone wanting to carry out building work, which is subject to the Building Regulations, is required by law to make sure it complies with the regulations.

Shirin Alavi Architects can prepare and submit detailed building regulations drawings to the local authorities and act as the agent for a building regulations submission. A full plans building regulations submission can be made online and requires a full plans fee and an inspection fee both payable to the local authority. We can manage the on-going discharge of building regulation conditions listed on a conditional approval notice. A number of the conditions will be site-related and require the contractor to discharge directly with Building Control. These conditions often include drainage design and the issue of gas safety and Part P electrical certificates. Shirin Alavi Architects have a proven track record of negotiating and developing sites within building regulation requirements.